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It is our intention to provide the best framework for the best possible experience and we spare neither trouble nor expenses to make this happen. With the lessons learned we believe that this is an ongoing process in many areas.


Due to the still ongoing mess we headed to new shores in 2020 and will sail further to the next harbour in 2021. We will offer dotfmp.berlin 2021 again as an online conf, but with some changes. Therefore the "Location" this year can still be on your sun deck!


Since we don't really depend on 9 to 6 CEST anymore we want to open dotfmp.berlin to even more non-Europeans (okay, or to late riser). Sessions will take place from 14:00 until 18:00 CEST, with some "Meet me at the Bar" in the (CEST) evening. As usual we expect some chaos!


Due to these changes the total number of possible attendees will not be limited. We may limit the number of attendees per session.

There won't be - again - a ticket fee for dotfmp.berlin 2021 but donations are very welcome.
We prefer Bank Transfer but you can send some money right here too:

If you have any question please add it in the FAQ section. If you have any idea or request (or even found a bug) please drop us a note in the CONTACT section.

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