It is our intention to provide the best framework for the best possible experience and we spare neither trouble nor expenses to make this happen. With the lessons learned we believe that this is an ongoing process in many areas. Unfortunately, as it turned out dedication of many of the great minds and heavy investments, time and moneywise, from myself can't guarantee a proper future. Therefore the sales conditions as well as the ticket structure has to change.


With the changes seen in previous years and compared to some alternatives the current location Schankhalle Pfefferberg is the best choice for the time being.


While everything at dotfmp is fluid we're somehow tied to 9:00 to 18:00 CEST. But depending on mood… and beer sessions can be extended up until 21:00, with some "Meet me at the Bar".

And of course we expect some chaos!


The ticket price is 600,- EUR and invoices will be issued on or after 14 April 2024. There is no registering after 5 May, and therefore no "Late Owl-Ticket" for 800,- EUR.

All prices are net and 19% VAT is applied for all but (non-German) EU companies who provide a valid VAT-ID.

Please read the Sales Conditions before registering!

If you have any question please add it in the FAQ section. If you have any idea or request (or even found a bug) please drop us a note in the CONTACT section.

In case you fill in the form below utilising copy & paste make sure you leave Gremlins at home, otherwise registration may fail! (In other words: type in the fields!).

And if your data is pre-filled please make sure they're up-to-date!


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