It is our intention to provide the best framework for the best possible experience and we spare neither trouble nor expenses to make this happen. With the lessons learned we believe that this is an ongoing process in many areas.


After testing quite a few setups the current location is, at this moment, the best we could find in Berlin. Plenty of space and nice surroundings in a vibrant part of the city. So we will stick with that one.


Since this event is (more or less) self-organized it is hard to find the right setup to present all topics in a way where they don't interfere with each other. From the fixed timetable at the first dotfmp until the slightly chaotic one in 2015 and the Room moderators from 2016 until 2018 we are still not really happy with how it goes. So we ended up with going back to the spirit of the event itself and will leave the session setup happening organically… or chaotically! ;o)


We’re always eager to keep the quality of dotfmp as high as possible. Therefore we’re going to limit the number of available seats to 70 returning and 20 new attendees, special invitations excluded, in 2019. The closing of ticket sales on 8 April last year as an attempt to lower the administrative effort didn’t really work. And since we dislike „Early Birds“ we have the ordinary ticket, which will go on sale for 400,00 EUR net of tax for registrations before 14 April. After that date the ordinary changes to a „Night owl“ ticket for 500,00 EUR net.

We also promised last year to take the Gender pay gap into account! Therefore all woman will pay 23% less. That is the average difference between the remuneration for men and women.

If you have any question please add it in the FAQ section. If you have any idea or request (or even found a bug) please drop us a note in the CONTACT section.


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Male Attendees:
1 x 400€
Female Attendees:
1 x 308€



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