Sales conditions


Due to the GDPR regulations I hereby inform you that the data you provide during registration will be used for:
• Issuing Invoices and
• Event related activities (e.g. Mailings, Notifications etc.).
• Any regulations required by the government in regards to the pandemia.
The name and origin will be shown on the website at "Attendees". Apart from that, the other data will only be made available to third parties with your approval or if requested by the authorities. You can request a removal of any part of the data, as long as it is not required to fulfill obligations from other law(s). Just use the contact form and let us know!


We always strived to keep it simple but the experiences we had to face in 2022 required a change.

After you've registered you get an invoice on or shortly after 1 April 2023 which you can pay by Bank Transfer or Paypal within 10 working days. This will cover your attendance but not your accomodation or other travel costs! If the money has not arrived by the time we close registration (1 May 2023) you get one reminder and if it is even not paid then your registration is void and you'll be blacklisted!

If you decide short term that you want to join (on or after 1 May) a surcharge of 30% is added to the ticket fee and an immediate payment is required.

You can cancel your registration before 1 April without further costs and get a full refund of the money received. If you need to cancel between 1 April and 15 May you can either sell your ticket to someone else (which means you can name someone and as soon that person has registered and paid you get your money I've received back) or get a refund of 50% of the money received for your ticket.

Cancellations after 15 May or No shows are NOT REFUNDABLE!

Attendees who present a session are entitled to get a "Thank you" grant of 150,- EUR. It applies to registrants registered before 1 May and is limited to one per person. This means an attendee presents one or more sessions and gets 150,- EUR refund from their ticket price, no matter how many speaker joined their session or how many sessions were presented. It will be paid in cash on the day after the session has ended.

If the registrant is not entitled to Reverse charge or the VAT-ID provided during registration is not valid according to the ticket is billed with 19% VAT. Additional changes to an invoice after issueing and re-issueing it adds 75,- EUR net to the current invoice amount.