Filename Description Session Owner
WebRTC.key Keynote P2P Realtime Communication + Trigger another client: 2024 style Jan Stieperaere  
WebRTC_Demo.fmp12 Example file P2P Realtime Communication + Trigger another client: 2024 style Jan Stieperaere I talked to some people abut this conditional formatting demo. Got the music running again on FileMaker 21. Some random stuff I though I'd share Peter Wagemans  
ExecuteFMDA.key Presentation FMP 2024: Execute FileMaker DataAPI script step: New possibilities are here! Jan Stieperaere User Admin Pass Admin What I learned last year … Philipp Puls Uploaded again, a layout was missing a TO. PoorMansMonitoring - Servermonitoring using a FileMaker Database Tobias Liebhart Log in to download Open Record saves from not reading the record correctly What I learned last year … Philipp Puls  
dotFMP-Fabio-Bosisio.key Slides Chatbot in FileMaker 2024 > From Amazon Lex to the new GenAI Fabio Bosisio  
Adam_Augustin_Bidirectional_Communication_FileMaker_With_React.pdf the presentation Bidirectional communication between FileMaker and a React App in WebViewer Adam Augustin  
exploring-the-fmp12-format.pdf Slides Exploring fmp12 account storage; or: what was my password again? David Hamann Log in to download
dotfmpfm21JsonArrays.fmp12 Presentation Demo file FileMaker 2024 - JSON Arrays (and fmIDE Action Arrays) Russell Watson  

FAFO file

AI FAFO Hands-On Heidi Porter  
select.fmp12 example file. Let me know if you find useful. A special thanks to @mrwatson :) Selection on abstraction module & techniques Giulio Villani  
dotfmp Proxy Presentation.pptx Presentationm Leveraging Proxy Load Balancing for Efficient Data Traffic Management Johan Hedman  
UI File Switch REVISED version of the files, added some fixes & zoom management during handoff. Renamed launcher file - now called Continuous Deployment. Zero Downtime Continuous Deployment Proof of Concept Chris Moyer  
ExecuteFMDataAPI.fmp12 Example file FMP 2024: Execute FileMaker DataAPI script step: New possibilities are here! Jan Stieperaere  
d18_MASTERSLIDES_Keynote7.3.key Presentation with links at the end. Has this field always been there? Serhii Leshchenko Log in to download Slides used during the presentation along with sample files from the reference links. Error handling round table: what do you care about when crafting your own? Robert Naud Log in to download
pms2.jpg Example 2 of the build in progress A closer look at FMBetterforms | Example: Project management for FM consultants / developers Jeroen Lutmers Continuous deployment proof of concept. Open Launcher file first. Zero Downtime Continuous Deployment Proof of Concept Chris Moyer  
pms1.jpg Example 1 of the build in progress A closer look at FMBetterforms | Example: Project management for FM consultants / developers Jeroen Lutmers  

Below are the files from previous years. This a work in progress (yeah… we're really working…) and will be filled with the older files as time permits! The files from this year (on) will appear above automatically and can be downloaded IF the owner permits it.

2021 (Chris Moyer)
  Day 1: Open Heart Surgery - Live system development Keynote deck
"Let's Automate" - Renewing FREE SSL certificates on your FileMaker Server
commands.txt (Koji Takeuchi)
  All the commands did in the demoes. (Koji Takeuchi)
  Shell script for putting certificates into FileMaker Server. (Koji Takeuchi)
  Wrapper shell script which does getting certificates, then putting certificates.
20210604_1400_LetsAutomate.pdf (Koji Takeuchi)
  Slide pdf.
A cool way to filter portals & other chit-chat
portal filtering.key (Peter Wagemans)
  Presentation slides
worldcities native.fmp12 (Peter Wagemans)
  This file contains the FileMaker native method - it just filters on layout level (Peter Wagemans)
  Some first tries to get things done. These approaches are not sufficiently fast, because we have to loop in our custom function.
worldcities V3.fmp12 (Peter Wagemans)
  First method of avoiding the custom function loop, using JSON with JSONListKeys to extract the keys. Not super elegant, but it works fast enough.
Spawn (Stephen Dolenski)
  here is a method to spawn multiple copies of FMP on Mac (applescript) you can then use your FMP clip manager in separate instance from your dev file running in its own app instance - this way you can have Define fields open to copy and paste between two solutions.
worldcities V4.fmp12 (Peter Wagemans)
  Using List.GetColumn() of the pr1 MBS plug-in release today. This allows to extra the keys by simply get the first column of our searchList. This looks like simpel and elegant enough to use.
Clipboard managers.txt (Peter Wagemans)
  This is the list of clipboard managers we compiled in the session., , The requirement: they have to be able to copy and paste FileMaker native objects, tables, fields, layouts, custom functions, value lists, scripts and script steps. Most clipboard managers cannot do this., , We found 3 clipboard managers for macOS and 1 for Windows.
Start (Peter Wagemans)
  This app has the same goal as what Stephen uploaded earlier. It spawns a new FileMaker instance. Stephen's solution is excellen, this is just another way of doing things., I typically use it on my development Mac, where I have 2 desktops: 1 with the production environment and 1 with the development one. The 2 modified apps are on the desktop, so firing up from the correct desktop (space) is the way to go., Modifying the template: , 1/select app file. , 2/select "Show Package Contents" from the context menu. , 3/modfiy in the MacOS folder so it opens your solution start file. , 4/optionally replace the icns file in the Resources folder.
worldcities V5.fmp12 (Peter Wagemans)
  This final version will work when the MBS plug-in 11.3 pr2 become avaialble., We go back to the original idea, passing the keyList en the searchStringList., The documentation is already there:, But do not be confused. We use the found list of strings as keys… to obtain the keys., , Just lookt at it, things will become clear. And if they don't, no worries, this mechanism is super easy to implement, and just as fast as native portal filters on layout level, with all the benefits of having the real relations.
Building a FileMaker-Server Dashboard with Node-Red
dotfmp_FileMaker-Server-Dashboard-with-Node-Red_Marcel-Moré.pdf (Marcel Moré)
  Building a FileMaker-Server Dashboard with Node-Red, Presentation slides as PDF with further Links (Marcel Moré)
  FMServerLogs Demo v1.4, - Documentation "how to install" Picture-Guide, - Node-Red File as JSON, - FileMaker Database File, - Passwords, - Readme, , As seen in the presentation., Use this ready to run sample file for your own server dashboard solution., You are free to extend with your own ideas., , And of course: remember the challenge! Show your results on next years conference... :-)
Node-Red + FileMaker QuickStart and Links (english).rtf (Marcel Moré)
  Node-Red + FileMaker QuickStart Guide with many Links (english)
CustomFunctions are dead, long live the custom function
dotfmp_CFareDEAD.pdf (Philipp Puls)
  the slides
CustomFunctionsRepo.fmp12 (Philipp Puls)
  The Repository of my custom functions
TestfileCallOfCF.fmp12 (Philipp Puls)
  Calling the cf
Error handling best practices
Error Handling 2.0.key (Jan Zelenka)
  The presentation in KeyNote.
FileMaker - WPForms & Claris Connect
  FileMaker - WPForms & Claris Connect.key (Johan Hedman)
FileMaker add-ons: lessons learned
  dotfmp2021_AddOns_Joris.pdf (Joris Aarts)
  Slides in PDF
FileMaker and Node-Red - An alternative to Claris Connect?
dotfmp_FileMaker-and-Node-Red_Marcel-Moré.pdf (Marcel Moré)
  FileMaker and Node-Red, Presentation slides as PDF with further Links
Node-Red + FileMaker Starthilfe und Link-Sammlung (german).rtf (Marcel Moré)
  Node-Red + FileMaker Starthilfe und Link-Sammlung (german)
Node-Red + FileMaker QuickStart and Links (english).rtf (Marcel Moré)
  Node-Red + FileMaker QuickStart and Links (english)
FM REST API (Marcel Moré)
  FM REST API Demo:, - Node-Red Flow as JSON file, - FileMaker file, - Readme file with passwords and setup instructions (German), - Illustration with process schema
Front-End only webforms, with a little help from the backend
20210604_1600_FrontEnd_WebForms.pdf (Stathis Askaridis)
  Keynote pdf
JSON the Holy Grail of Parameters? (Gerard van der Wolf)
  This is the sample file I showed., User: dotfmp , Pass: Berlin2021 , Feel free to copy and use the parts you like…
Localize it! First experiences with add-on localization (David Wikström)
  Please read the fine print at before attempting to use the file.
Mermaid Diagrams in FileMaker (Part I) (Russell Watson)
  Mermaid examples file ... working towards an add on?, , SHARE and DELIVER!
Odata and FileMaker: A replacement for ODBC?
dotfmp_2021_FrancoisDube_OData.key.pdf (François Dubé)
  Slides from the presentation.
Pinching Pennies to Save Millions: The Power of FileMaker And the Simplex Method With Steel Blending
  simplex_dotfmp.pdf (Scott Koontz)
  Pinching Pennies, Presentation (handout) in PDF format
  PinchingPennies_whitepaper_dotfmp.pdf (Scott Koontz)
  Simplex-FileMaker White Paper
Virtual Beer Garden
favoriteHosts.fmp12 (Stephen Dolenski)
  A little file I put together, that allows you reorder your favorite hosts, creates xml that you can go and swap out in your preferences that is found at: "/Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/com.filemaker.client.pro12.plist"
X3DSceneFixed.fmp12 (Jan Zelenka)
  Technical demo of integrating a X3DOM scene into a FileMaker solution


Deploy & Destroy: Intro to Infrastructure as Code and setting up FMS for Linux (David Hamann)
terraform.tfvars (David Hamann)
Global fields based framework
CRUD_stuff_1.png (Tobias Sjögren)
  CRUD overview 1
CRUD_stuff_2.png (Tobias Sjögren)
  CRUD overview 2
Integrating with API's, the bigger picture
Working with (REST) API's from FileMaker - Session notes.pdf (Jan Stieperaere)
  The live session notes
JavaScript + FM19 - Getting up to speed
Getting_up_to_speed_with_JS-Part_I.key (Russell Watson)
  Presentation Keynote
Getting_up_to_speed_with_JS-Part_I.pptx (Russell Watson)
  Presentation PowerPoint
Getting_up_to_speed_with_JS-Part_I.pdf (Russell Watson)
  Presentation pdf
TestCarafeAndFmpProtocoll.fmp12 (Russell Watson)
  Example File showing the differences between fmp protocoll and fm19-integration
fmVersions.fmp12 (Russell Watson)
  A - rather useful* - example file demonstrating the powerful combination of the Execute FileMaker Data API script step, a web viewer and a Carafe.FM Widget to create a quick-and-easy "Top 10 Authors" graphic. * The file lists changes in FileMaker versions and lists available resources - many on the topic of Integrations with fm19
Liberating the shackles of record locking. A visit from 1990.
ReBase_FieldLocking.fmp12 (Arild Schönberg)
  Login with Admin. This file will be updated before and maybe after the presentation. The presentation is an experiment into abstracting Tables and Fields to make an "AddOn" to any system. The intent is to allow Users add tables and records using only Browse Mode. Can this method be extracted as a future AddOn in FM19?
More on FileMaker and Graph databases
0.jpeg (Joris Aarts)
  No, this is not the Corona virus
Out-of-the-box data (Fabrice Nordmann)
  Keynote presentation (Fabrice Nordmann)
  Html version
Quick Discussion Webviewers - Interesting Q
toolbar_as_webviewer.png (Russell Watson)
  Is it possible / sensible to use a webviewer instead of a button bar for that?
Rapid development of web solutions
dotfmp2020_Rapid dev of web solutions.pdf (Henrik Riccius)
  the presentation
RCUD - a method for CRUD operations in FileMaker
Contacts.fmp12 (Martti Tumanto)
  Demo .fmp12
Secure Code Model - A generic JSON (of course) parameter to carry Error info to top caller
SecureCodeModel_v2.fmp12 (Martin Björkman)
  Custom functions and example of the SecureCodeModel for you to examine.
SCM_EN_dotfmp2020.pdf (Martin Björkman)
  Presentation of SCM part 1
SCM_alternateErrorCheckingModels_dotfmp2020.pdf (Martin Björkman)
  Presentation SCM part 2 with Error checking using Single pass loop
The Missing Log Viewer
  LogViewer_AdamAugustin_dotfmp20_2020-06-06.pdf (Adam Augustin)
  The short presentation used during the session (update on 9.6.2020)


ResourceCalendar_EasySignature.url (Otmar Kramis)
  This is just a link to my website My files (ResourceCalendar, EasySignature...) can be downloaded from there.
fmDevConVideos.fmp12 (Arnis Gross)
  FileMaker DevCon 2016, 2017 & 2018 videos in one App. Works great with iPhone & iPad.
A peer-reviewed system for merging duplicates and their related records.
20190506 Doubles, FvdM.key (Frank van der Most)
  Slides from my presentation
AppDrag a new web companion for Filemaker
  Write A Json File of FileMaker Find PART 1.json (Marc Lamouret)
  Is the way to make a query and save it in a JSON file.
  Creat_Record_AppDrag.json (Marc Lamouret)
  NodJS exemple to creat record
  Find_Record_AppDrag.json (Marc Lamouret)
  NodJs exemple to find reccords
AppDrag Session.pdf (Marc Lamouret)
  AppDrag is Fast & flexible to make your design in web In the philosophy of FileMaker Powerful because you have NodeJS (make pdf, excel files…) and interaction with FileMaker Data API
  Write A Json File of FileMaker Find PART 2.json (Marc Lamouret)
  Is the way to Read a Json file to make a DataSource in AppDrag
  Exemple of find request in AppDrag.png (Marc Lamouret)
  An exemple of Appdrag Interface to make a search
DMT + and -
Data Migration Tool Helper (Johan Hedman)
  Data Migration Tool
Elegance in WebDirect
  Elegance in WebDirect dotFMP Files (Jonn Howell)
  I have uploaded the following files: • The presentation (in PDF) for the session: "Elegance in WebDirect" • 3 PHP files for dynamic redirect from WebDirect, in the same tab • A freshly built example file in FileMaker Pro Advanced 17, for dynamic redirect from WebDirect, suing these PHP files NOTE: I am not yet fluent in cURL, and thus the option that was discussed is not working yet: to be able to use the function "Insert from URL", instead of using a variable driven web viewer, for caching the session variable, to manage dynamic redirect. This is the option shown on the second layout of the demo file. - If anyone can solve this for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for everyone's wonderful presence at this event!
FileMaker Server with GraphQL Interface
  GraphQL-With-FMS-DATA-API_dotfmp19.key (Adam Augustin)
  Here is my presentation file
Importless Conversion Workshop [new set of files!]
importless (Kaai Hanhart)
  New set of files uploaded 11-6-2019. The folder Importless Conversion consist of the main file 'conv_demo.fmp12' which converts source files 'company.fmp12' and 'personnel.fmp12' to target file 'New_system.fmp12'. This technique uses Button Driven Programming. Therefore in the second folder the 2017 presentation is added.
Integromating FileMaker
  Webhook to FileMaker.json (Christos Savva)
  A webhook example to create records in FileMaker using Integromat
  Google Forms to FileMaker.json (Christos Savva)
  A JSON file for Integromat to send responses from Google Forms to FileMaker
  Integromat_Test.fmp12 (Christos Savva)
  The test FM file used in the demo Full access account: user: admin pass: admin API account: user: api pass: api2019
BrowserNav_7_JSON.fmp12 (Paul Jansen)
  Everyone uses a web browser these days and is familiar with the concept of back and forward buttons. I needed a fast way to add this type of navigation to existing database solutions irrespective of the existing methods of navigation.
WindowID_JSON.fmp12 (Paul Jansen)
  Create and manage unique window IDs that survive window renaming
List view with new possibilities
Neighbour record detail 3 (with multiline detail).fmp12 (Peter Kraaijeveld)

Example 3 of record details that are shown in a neighbour record area.

Neighbour record detail 2 (with photo detail).fmp12 (Peter Kraaijeveld)

Example 2 of record details that are shown in a neighbour record area.

  Neighbour record detail 1 (with address).fmp12 (Peter Kraaijeveld)
  Example 1 of record details that are shown in a neighbour record area.
  Variable record height.fmp12 (Peter Kraaijeveld)
  Example of record list where records have their own height, depending on the type of record: 'personal', 'company', or 'international'.
Manage your Screenshots in FileMaker (Egbert A. Friedrich)
  This is my attempt to record screen sizes and screenshots at the same time. Works on Mac AND Windows.
AST Screenshots Demo.fmp12 (Alan Stirling)
  Session Demo File
More webviewer stuff! Drawing tool and FullCalendar integration with FileMaker. (Jan Stieperaere)
  Beta trial version of EasyDraw, full version is coming soon... Please check our website for updates: (Jan Stieperaere)
  This is an unfinished version of a Resource Scheduling tool made in FileMaker. I would recommend to use the one from Otmar Kramis, because he is using the latest version of fullCalendar. ( v4 ) (Jan Stieperaere)
  My notes from this session
MrWatson - BUG OFF!
Bug Off Icon_256_sm.png (Russell Watson)
Bug Off - Don't let the bugs in.key (Russell Watson)
  Presentation notes
oAuth in FileMaker, signing requests
oauth.php (Andries Heylen)
  callback to fmp
dotfmp_twitter.fmp12 (Andries Heylen)
  twitter example
pusherJS.fmp12 (Andries Heylen)
  pusherjs example file
Open Cowboy Session
dotFMP2019.fmp12 (Mads Christensen)

dotFMP demo file, containing simple preventive edit function, double filemaker files (FM16, 17 and 18) and collapse menu in virtual list

Proposed Code Review Methodology
F852402D-5187-41D3-86F9-FB600375E95F.jpeg (Chris Moyer)
  Whiteboard at end of session
Sending HTML mail directly from FileMaker 18
  Mailchimp (Jan Stieperaere)
  Mailchimp templates for HTML mail (Jan Stieperaere)
  Notes with useful links (Jan Stieperaere)
  My testing file
Server monitoring with Zabbix
zbx_templates_fms_win_mac_cloud.xml (Jeroen Aarts)
  Zabbix templates for monitoring FileMaker Server.
Monitoring your FileMaker Server with (Jeroen Aarts)
  The keynote presentation.
So many choices... Can too clever => too complex?
BrowserNav_7_JSON.fmp12 (Paul Jansen)
  Everyone uses a web browser these days and is familiar with the concept of back and forward buttons. I needed a fast way to add this type of navigation to existing database solutions irrespective of the existing methods of navigation.
WindowID_JSON.fmp12 (Paul Jansen)
  Create and manage unique window IDs that survive window renaming
Software as a complex adaptive system
  dotFMP 2019 -complexity.key (Ian Jempson)
  Slide deck for complexity presentation. Links to data sources added
TicTacToe game in FileMaker
TicTacToe.fp7 (Edgar Pinho)
  Shaun Flisakowski game
TicTacToe.fmp12 (Edgar Pinho)
  Game file
tree view pattern in portal, a user interface to interact with summary reports
TVP.png (Yann Liqueur Salzedo)
  Tree view pattern screenshot... wip, more is coming soon
Using ESS without ODBC
  JSONParamAnlegen.calc (Philipp Puls)
  make a JSON out of table::field|nodeName
  JSON2var.calc (Philipp Puls)
  make variables out of a JSON
  JSONrepFeld.calc (Philipp Puls)
  deal with repeating fields
  Dreamfactory_fmp2019.pdf (Philipp Puls)
  The Presentation
Variable portal heigt, and storage control module (containers)
Henrik var_port_height__soorage_of_pict.key (Henrik Riccius)
  Henrik presentation, trick with pop over, solution for "variable portal height". Storage of pictures and optimiztion of storage.
Wall-e an IOT experiment
eyes.png (Eric Paulin)
  What is hidden behind this?
Webhooks and API
index.php (Andries Heylen)
  save data to filemaker
WebViewer code editing/debugging w/o leaving FileMaker.. Bringing it all together!
FMEditor_Slides.pdf (Gregor Beuster)
  ...just the slides!
CodeEditor.fmp12 (Gregor Beuster)
  Early BETA (!!!) ;-) Have fun with it... Git page will follow!
Screen Recording 2019-06-05 at (Gregor Beuster)
  Teaser ;-) PS: What you see is a FM18 file using Filemaker-native and web(viewer)-based features to make code editing possible WITHIN FILEMAKER!


d18_event_handbook.pdf (Egbert A. Friedrich)

The event handbook for all things dotfmp. (Egbert A. Friedrich)
  The slides which can be used for your session. The zip contains Templates for Keynote 5.3, 6.6 and 7.3
d18_event_handbook_mobile.pdf (Egbert A. Friedrich)
  The event handbook for all things dotfmp. Not as mobile friendly version.
  fmDevConVideos.fmp12 (Arnis Gross)
  FileMaker DevCon 2016 & 2017 videos in one App. (Jörg Köster)
  Compare the speed of calculations and functions.
Get_CardWindowCoordinates.txt (Egbert A. Friedrich)
  This is my custom function shown in my session about GDPR. It is used to position a Card Window on the fly by just resizing an underlaying object in the Layout which opens the card window.
hf_Datepicker.fmp12 (Egbert A. Friedrich)
  This is just a quick Mockup of an idea I had when I had to enter dates far away from now without entering it manually or clicking on the FileMaker-Datepicker for too often.
  AST LinkStore 1v1.fmp12 (Alan Stirling)
  First update to AST LinkStore file. Fixed a bug in the New Page Script - Sorry!
another day at the office
TheMergeFieldApproach.fmp12 (Gjermund Gusland Thorsen)
  Importing from nmap and ECB
Another Parade of Smaller Things (Robert Kaiser)
  The demo file of my sessions with SVG and some Filemaker style tricks. (Robert Kaiser)
  Here are a FileMaker demo file for "2-layer SVG" for checkboxes. There are also the Sketch and SVG Files to look at it how it was built.
AWS and NGINX Load-Balancing of FM Server/FM Cloud: Failover, Performance, and Content-Routing
  Clouddotfmp.pdf (Heidi Porter)
  Slides for the presentation
Cognitive Biases in Requirements Gathering and Estimation
  CogBiasdotfmp.pdf (Heidi Porter)
  Slides of the presentation
Colour + Creating dynamic coloured GIFs
DynamicColouredImage.fmp12 (Russell Watson)
  Demo file to create colours - dynamically!
dNEXT - Are you ready for the next level?
dNEXT_preview.pdf (Egbert A. Friedrich)
  The slides as a short overview of what may happen. For more questions please get in touch!
FileMaker + JSON (Michael Layne)
  Demo file I used in my session. Mailjet API keys are needed to test, but they're free. ShipStation API seems to work for mock servers without API keys. Odd but cool. admin / dotfmp!
FileMaker and Graph Databases
  dotFMP_FM_and_Graph.pdf (Joris Aarts)
  Slides in PDF
  MovieDB_Graph.fmp12 (Joris Aarts)
  FileMaker Front-End for Neo4j. Attention: you need to load the Neo4j movie dataset:
FMChallenge (Egbert A. Friedrich)
  A generic data set to provide the same source data/conditions to test. (Paul Jansen)
  Sample file comparing various methods of creating JSON from large record sets. This is an older 16 compatible file which only exports 5 fields. The 17 compatible demo I showed was rather a mess as a result of incomplete changes to support 17 and the 10 field sample data. I'm more than happy to answer any questions or queries. This demo was originally produced as part of the FileMaker community discussion at
FMSAC17 - A step forward or backward? (Johan Hedman)
  Slides, urls and more
graphQL: what it is and how we can benefit
  GraphQL-beyond-REST_dotfmp18.key (Adam Augustin)
  A brief introduction to the topic and how it could be implemented used with FileMaker Server
graphql-or-bust.pdf (Andries Heylen)


Introduction to python-fmrest. A Python wrapper around the FileMaker Data API
conf_dotfmp_2018.ipynb (David Hamann)
  Notebook for this session. Most up-to-date file can always be found here:
Localization in FileMaker - A journey to the best practice
  Localization in FM - A journey to the best practice.pdf (Jan Stieperaere)
  Overview of my session (Jan Stieperaere)
  Example files I'll be using in the session
MBS Plugin Goodies
MBS Goodies v2.pdf (Christian Schmitz)
  MBS Plugin Goodies: All the free additions to the FileMaker developer tools.
Migration Background (FMDMTool)
  20180517 DataMigration dotfmp18.key (Volker Krambrich)
  Presentation on new development model and some thoughts about 'structural data'
PSOS management
ftptail (Egbert A. Friedrich)
  This perl script allows you to tail an FileMaker Server log over FTP. Just open the terminal and type: perl ftptail -s 5 -n 30 -f --password-file=pw.txt where the password is stored inside the pw.txt file, the file is tailed with a 5 second refresh and shows the last 30 lines. If you add " > access.log" you are piping the reult to a local log, effectively replicating the server log. Open this in a good text editor like BBEdit and you have a live updating and searchable log.
The Parade of Smaller Things
TheParadeOfSmallerThings DFMPW.key (Jeroen Aarts)
  Keynote presentation
GeocodingWithNominatim.fmp12 (Jeroen Aarts)
  Geocoding with Nominatim (OSM) demo file
WebDirect HTTPS POST.fmp12 (Jeroen Aarts)
  WebDirect HTTP POST login demo file.
Use Web Pages as the basis for your next Presentation - All with the help of FileMaker.
  AST LinkStore.fmp12 (Alan Stirling)
  From my presentation, this is the LinkStore file - which can store and display URLs using a FileMaker Custom App (or later technology!)
Using JSON data to create a Flare hierarchy graph
JSONFlare.fmp12 (Milan Mujovic)
  As promised, the final example file with Flare hierarchy graph embedded. I made a little following article with all the reference links and explanation on how it works. You can read it at:
Using structured variables: two-dimensional arrays
  DispatcherDashboard_v0.fmp12 (Sylvain Parent)
  The demo file.Free to use User : Admin Password : Admin
  CLob_as_a_truck.fmp12 (Sylvain Parent)
  Module for sending parameter. Free to use
  d18_twoDimensionalArrays.key (Sylvain Parent)
  Slides of the presentation
Value List Ecosystem
Evolved Value Lists (Caleb Ruth)
  Slides and some of the example files. The slides contain links to all published example files.
What's new in MBS Plugin since last conference?
MBS Filemaker Plugin en 2018.pdf (Christian Schmitz)
  MBS Plugin: what's new since last fall.
Who's worried about paper-clips? A discussion about the landscape of AI.
  Ian_2018_dotFMP_machine_learning.pdf (Ian Jempson)
  PDF version of my machine learning presentation. Original is PowerPoint - email if you'd like a copy.


API’s : Why reinvent, when you can reuse
  presentation.pdf (Mark Mathews)

PDF of the presentation

Button Driven Programming: Make frequently used functions text driven
  examples.fmp12 (Kaai Hanhart)

This is the file with examples of Button Driven Programming, version 3.3, edition .fmp 2017 Berlin.

  slides.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The slides used...

  example.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

An overview of variables used for Button Driven Programming.

Button Driven Programming: Short session
  example.fmp12 (Kaai Hanhart)

The file...

  Sheets.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The sheets...

  variables.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The variables...

CRUUx – not CRUD
  presentation.pdf (Gjermund Thorsen)

Here is a version of my presentation on CRUD / CRUUx

  diagram.png (Chris Moyer)

Whiteboard diagram from session.

Custom Sorting Value Lists with a Practically Unlimited Number of Values (David Wikström)

My demo file. Says it all.

Data visualisation with speedy scrolling (Peter Kraaijeveld)
  Example date picker
  slides.pdf (Peter Kraaijeveld)

Slides of presentation

Discussion Proposal: Keeping up & Learning to learn
  slides.pdf (David Hamann)


EU GDPR - what does this mean from a FileMaker developer's perspective
  EU GDPR.pdf (Claus Lavendt)

The slides

ExecuteSQL revisited: Secret tricks and queries to schema
  presentation.pdf (André Just Vedgren)

The presentation inculding snippets of code

  example.fmp12 (André Just Vedgren)

FileMaker file provided "as is" with the ScriptMaker code for TableStatis and FindEmptyFields

Flexible value lists
  updated.fmp12 (Robert Samnegård)

More info and always updated file here:

  export.pdf (Gjermund Thorsen)

Here is the export of the examples I used in Firefox Developer Edition w/RESTED addon

Generic Files (Joerg Koester)

create ddr-report via MBS-Plugin (Egbert Friedrich)

This is the FileMaker Icon Replacement .fmp[x]Berlin 2017-Edition.

Preview and other edition can be found at (Egbert Friedrich)

This is the link to the plugin as well as the config-file to create icons ready to be used in FileMaker. (Alexandre VIAL)

This could be usefull to track modifications in your application by using DDR and XSLT v2 (need Saxon parser).

How to build responsive websites with 100% vanilla FileMaker - without any plugins.
  developertoolset.jpeg (Nick Lightbody)

A summary of the developer toolset

  developertoolset.jpeg (Nick Lightbody)

A summary of the developer toolset

Perform Script By Name - a game changer! - Proof of Concept (Russell Watson)

Presentation Perform Script By Name (orig keynote)

  icons.png (Russell Watson)


  presentation.pdf (Russell Watson)

Presentation Perform Script By Name (PDF)

Performance Testing the Client-Server Combo (short presentation and following discussion)
  presentation.pdf (Philipp Puls)

the presentation as a pdf

Phoning Home (Chris Moyer)

Slide Deck

  goclient.fmp12 (Chris Moyer)

Bare-bones FileMaker Go client example. Examine the startup script. Will need to re-point the URL to your server address.

  example.fmp12 (Chris Moyer)

This is the file that the client checks in with via XML. Again, a bare bones example.

Printing list layouts in WebDirect - just FMP ...
  slides.pdf (David Hamann)

The slides of my part...

PSOS: How unique are your values?
  UniqueValues.fmp12 (Bert Servaes)

Demo file to reproduce the unique validation bug on FMS.

User: Admin Pass: Admin

 - Host on fms, open file and press run

 - If just one record is created, delete  the record (requires some luck.)

Synchronisation: Where are we now?
  presentation.pdf (Paul Jansen)

Pdf of session presentation.  

Demo file to follow....

Remind me if it does not appear in some days... (Paul Jansen)

Basic demo of using xml and the web publishing engine for sync transport.

Sorry it is not very pretty...

Please see the hosted test version for the latest version in containers in the first 2 records.


  cred.txt (Paul Jansen)

Credentials for demo

The FileMaker Data API and OAuth
  dataapi.png (Jeroen Aarts)

Overview of all the calls required between your client application, FileMaker Server and the oAuth Authentication Server. (Jeroen Aarts)

My presentation (Keynote file)

Using Structured Variables in an encapsulated FileMaker Solution
  CLOB.png (Sylvain Parent)

A simple CLOB

slides.pdf (Sylvain Parent)

The slides used.. part1

customfunctions.fmp12 (Sylvain Parent)

FileMaker Customs function

slides_part2.pdf (Sylvain Parent)

Slides from part2

  slides.pdf (Sylvain Parent)


  demo.fmp12 (Sylvain Parent)


  slides.pdf (Sylvain Parent)


  demo.fmp12 (Sylvain Parent)


Web Usermanagement for Filemaker
  presentation.pdf (Philipp Puls)

The presentation as a pdf

Window ID and Window-Specific Storage
  demo.fmp12 (David Wikström)

My demo file. Says it all.

Workshop Button Driven Programming
  workshop.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The variables...

  example.fmp12 (Kaai Hanhart)

The example file...

  Handout.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The handout...


PSOS (Crispin Hodges)
  A set of files for PSOS